1. What is Green Chicken?
  • Green Chicken signify safe & healthy chicken and also antibiotics & MBM free.
  1. Are all frozen items made from Green Chicken?
  • Yes, all frozen items are made from Green Chicken.
  1. Is Green Chicken Halal?
  • Yes, we are Halal certified by Islamic Foundation, all of our Chicken are 100% Halal.
  1. What is the source of Green Chicken?
  • One day old chicks are from our own Hatchery. From rearing, processing to delivery everything is done in our Own Farm, Process Plant & Distribution Channel.
  1. Can I add products to my order after confirmation?
  • Once your order is confirmed, it can no longer be changed. You can place a separate order, but it may not arrive at the same time as your previous order.
  1. Can I cancel my order at any time?
  • You can cancel at any time before confirmation. Once your order is confirmed, it can no longer be cancelled.
  1. Do you have free home delivery outside of Dhaka?
  • Now, we have free home delivery only in Dhaka city for the time being.
  1. What is the order receiving time in website to process delivery?
  • Order receiving time is 9am-5pm.
  1. Is Green Chicken available in Chittagong city?
  • Yes, available on chenashop.com
  1. Do you replace damaged products/ complain products after delivery?
  • Yes, after investigation, if the complain is authentic then it will be replaced.